Now With More Curtains

I know you’re probably sick of seeing my kitchen, but we’ll be looking at it again today.  When I was making my screen printed curtains I had originally planned to have another set to go below the sink, but I didn’t have enough fabric to print without piecing it.  I am so glad that I decided not to make everything the same.  I have wanted this Michael Miller chevron fabric ever since I saw it online (and now can’t even find a link for it, sorry) and I found it here in Lincoln!!!
This area is a real problem:kitchen curtains more 2This is what you see when you come in my back door, which we use a lot since we have a larger parking area in the back.  You have to come up three steps to get into the kitchen, so you’re eye level with my under sink clutter.  I have my recycling trash cans, plastic bags, and paper bags stored under here, it’s not really that messy, but it doesn’t exactly scream welcome to my home either.
And now:kitchen curtains more1Ah, much better, Welcome to my home, come on in!  I have officially decided that all I need to make my entire house look nicer is shelves and curtains.kitchen curtains more 3Here’s a shot from the other end.  I still need some accessories and to paint the walls, but it’s already soooooo much better (flashback to the mess).  I have a little bit of that chevron fabric left over, I’m thinking some hot pads or towels.  Let me know if you have any great ideas, I have about a half yard left (in pieces).
Thanks for looking at my kitchen again, I’ll try to find something else to talk about for the rest of the week.

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