Scarf Fail

How exactly does one fail at making a scarf?  It’s just a long, skinny rectangle!  Well I can tell you it takes hours and hours of weaving and by the time I knew it had gone horribly wrong I was too stubborn to quit.
The knitted strip I shared on Friday became this:scarf fail 1I dropped two stitches and made the “runs” in the knitting.  Next I decided to weave yarn into the “runs”, a rainbow of yarn! Weaving the yarn took FOREVER.  About half way through the weaving I began to have doubts that the scarf would turn out like I planned, but I kept going I had already invested way too much time in this one and I was going to make it work!
Um yeah, when I finished the last piece of yarn I had a wavy mess, so I thought I’ll just need to adjust/tighten the strings.  I started pulling, one at a time, I only broke a few…scarf fail 2…so I only tightened one half and then braided the ends together?  I don’t know where I was going with this, but I couldn’t stop, I had to finish this.  Once it was finished I promptly announced (to my husband) that it was the ugliest thing I had ever made and we started trying to figure out what to do with it.  There was a lot of snickering and weirdness and we came up with this:scarf fail 3 It’s a headdress like Queen Amidala (cough, Star Wars, cough) would wear.  I think I might keep this handy by the front door, you never know when you’re going to need a crazy hat to pop on when uninvited company drops by.  Do let me know if you’d still like the pattern :)


mieljolie said...

LOVING the headdress! ;) From the angle in the pic, looks like a giant caterpillar draped over your head. Hehe :D Seriously, it looks like it was a great idea to start. Just a wee bit "ahead" of it's time. Har har

Thanks for the cheer-up today. Sorry it's at your projects expense.


PussDaddy said...

WEll I don't know. Some scarves I have seen lately on handmade sites look like strings with a knot in the end and yours didn't look that bad. It was worth reading this for the headdress pic tho which was hilarious.


Crafterella said...

mieljolie - snort ~ a giant Caterpillar, now that you mention it, it does :)

PussDaddy - thanks, I think I'll wear it around every once in a while and tell everyone it's part of my native dress

PussDaddy said...

You kind of look like an Amish Pipi Longstocking or something, lol.