Vintage Owl Clock

This is one of my vintage finds from our junk store/yard sale day a few weeks ago.  I spotted this clock and thought it was pretty cute and when I saw that it was only a quarter I had to have it.owl clock beforeIt was really dirty, a combination of greasy and dusty, ewww!  I took the cover off of the clock, removed the clock works and the clock face and scrubbed it down with some Dawn (takes grease out of your way!)owl clock duringBetter, I was thinking about painting the whole thing a bright color, like lime green or turquoise, but I wanted to keep those bright orange eyes.  The plastic eyes came right out, the glue must have yielded to the soapy water.  I was trying to polish them up a bit, they were just so scratched and dull, it’s like they had been scrubbed with an abrasive cleaner or sponge.  I had the brilliant idea to use the buffing wheel on my Dremel to shine them up a bit.  It worked great, they looked new.  I was even able to shine the badly scratched cover.owl clock detailThe left side looks new, all shiny and clear.  I buffed the entire clock.  It brought back the shine on the plastic too!  I scanned the old clock face, edited out some of the water damage and skewed the colors to give it an orange tint.  Once that was printed out I Mod Podged it onto the clock and put everything back together.owl clock finishedIt looks brand new and I just finished hanging it up in the craft room.  Not bad for a quarter and some time!  What is your best yard sale/thrift shop redo?, I’d love to see it.
Have a super crafty weekend!


julie said...

My Mama had a clock a lot like that--I guarantee that yours was that nasty because it, too, lived for five decades in a bacon-frying, biscuit-baking, tomato-canning kitchen!

Lani said...

I TOTALLY want to steal your clock!! I have such an owl obsession and have been talking about how awesome it would be to finally find an owl clock!