Amigurumi Squirrel

I happened across this amigurumi chipmunk pattern (I think it looks like a squirrel) while browsing around on ravelry.  I loved his tiny little ears and his scrappy tail so much, I just had to make one!amigurumi squirrel The pattern was quick, easy, and well written.  I have more in progress ones waiting to be finished, I’m thinking squirrel minions for the craft room. 
As always, the first one is more of a learning experience that a perfect finished project, but this one looks pretty good already.  My suggestions are: when you get to row 19 stop and get the eyes set and start stuffing, I like a pudgy, firmly stuffed amigurumi! shape while you are stuffing.  You’ll notice my tail seems a bit small, this is because of the super stuffing, I will be making a fatter, fluffier tail and I will be more patient and run it through the wash a few times for extra fraying before sewing it on.  I used embroidery floss for the embroidered nose and I’m thinking that yarn (like the pattern suggested) would look better, but I do like the floss embroidery on the tail and to sew the button on.  I really like the simple shaping of the body and I think it could easily be made into other animals, a cat or rabbit comes to mind first.
Dawn Toussaint has more free patterns available on her website, she also has some beautifully detailed doll patterns that combine crochet, knitting, and fabric.  I want to make a lovebird next.
Have a super crafty weekend!!!

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