Blogging Goals

Well, I’ve had a busy couple of weeks (I can’t believe how fast time flew by) and I might almost be caught up.  I have been doing a lot of chores and the big projects that I don’t always have time to get to, having some freedom during school hours and nap time is helping immensely with that. 
I have also have more time to think about blogging and what I really want:
  • I really enjoy blogging, I like sharing what I’m working on and talking to all of my online friends.  I can’t imagine what not blogging would be like, in fact I caught myself several times thinking about how I needed to blog about this or that.  This is a part of my life that isn’t going to change.
  • I have a serious internet addiction and that addiction is taking away from my life.  Spending all day checking and rechecking stats, updates, emails, and basically being an internet busy body is not doing me any good.  I don’t have advertisers (anymore) or sponsors who require me to post. Those numbers aren’t what’s important me.
  • I want to have actual content on my blog, not just endless links.  I like occasionally sharing my etsy favorites or my project wish lists, but it’s not the only thing I want to talk about.  I also don’t want to be spam-y with twitter or facebook, I want to be social.
  • I don’t want to feel obligated to only make things that will make good blog posts (this is a big one that I have been struggling with for a while).  If I need to make some plain curtains, I need to do it and get it done, not because I want to blog about it.  And also I don’t need to share every little thing with you guys, I should just be sharing the good stuff ;)
  • I like having a blog schedule, but 3 times a week, every week was getting to be overwhelming.   Right now I’m thinking a rotation of two posts one week and three posts the next week, so roughly 10 posts a month.  I have some great ideas for ongoing series posts and that would allow me to make more complicated (and better) projects and tutorials.
  • Finally, I want to know what my visitors and subscribers (that’s you guys) want to see here.  Is it projects, tutorials, me in crazy hats, design tips, downloads, what?  Also, my fellow bloggers, how to you keep everything balanced/juggled and what are your rules/goals for blogging?  I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts.  Please comment here or email me (there’s a link on the side bar).
100_6418 And since it isn’t a blog post without a picture, here is my favorite moment from last week.  Our Monarch hatched from his chrysalis (you can kind of see what is left of it there in front of him on the right), this is right before we let him go.  Little Sir named him Nick, isn’t he beautiful?

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