Sugar Skull Lights Tutorial

Every year it seems like the selection at Halloween gets a little more cutesy and cheap looking.  This years motto seems to be cover it with glitter and call it good, well that’s not good enough for me! I should note that sugar skulls are a Day of the Dead decoration, but here at my house the Halloween and Day of the Dead decorations over lap.sugar skull lights 4You will need:
  • Inexpensive skull lights – I found mine in the “Dollar Spot” in Target, although they cost $2.50
  • Puffy paint in a selection of colors, I used regular, pearl, and glitter
  • 1 yd. of fabric, mine is black with multicolored dots
Helpful extras – Q-tips, paper towels, and an empty egg carton.sugar skull lights 1 Start by taking the skull covers off of the lights, the ones I had just pulled off.sugar skull lights 2Using puffy paint, decorate each skull. I kept it pretty simple, outlining the lips, adding eye shadow/eye lashes, rouge, and hair. If you make a mistake use a Q-tip to clean up the line or wipe the paint off with a paper towel and start over. I only decorated the fronts, the back side will be hidden by the fabric fringe. I set them in an egg carton and allowed them to dry a few hours.sugar skull lights 3While the paint was drying I cut my fabric. My fabric was 44” wide, I folded it into quarters and cut one inch wide strips with my ruler and rotary cutter from selvage to selvage. I cut each 1” wide strip into forth's, making each strip about 11” long (so I left the strips folded and cut the folds).
Next I used a larks head knot to attach the strips to the cord of lights. I used 12 strips between each light, for a nice full garland.sugar skull lightsOnce the skulls are dry put them back on the lights and your ready to hang up your new lights! There are a lot of different ways to vary this project, for example:
  • make the fabric strips shorter and tie them on for a fluffier garland
  • make all the skulls the same
  • use food coloring tinted Mod Podge to color the skulls before adding the designs
  • use a variety of scrap fabrics for a shabby chic look
  • use ribbon or yarn to decorate the garland instead of fabric
If you make one of these garlands share a link with us, I’d love to see what you come up with!

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