Pinterest Style: Giant Decor

clothes pins dominoes  button 
keys measuring tape mustache
playing card safety pins Scrabble tiles
So everyone loves pinterest, right?  I spend time pinning everyday and I often go back and look through my boards trying to find a certain project or picture and I’ve noticed that several definite styles are showing up.  The most noticeable one it my love of giant decor, especially sewing notions and games.  I guess I shouldn’t be THAT surprised (giant spoon and fork obsession), but I thought it was neat.  What are styles are showing up in your pins?


DeeDee said...

Tee Shirt Recycles... lots of them.... :D

Crafterella said...

Oh, I love those too, and there are so many different ones available. I LOVE you denim board, lots of unique things pinned there :)