Jayne's AP Bag

While I was in the swap for knitters on Craftster I visited my local yarn store in Lincoln(Nebraska) and I bought 3 skeins of lamb's pride wool. I knew I wanted to make a felted purse, but I did not have a specific pattern in mind. I spent about a week looking for the perfect pattern and I found Jayne's AP bag pattern and immediately knew this was the pattern for me. The pattern uses four different colors of wool and I only had three, I just used orange for color A and color C.

This is all the yarn I had left, I guess I cut it pretty close.

Here's the final product, I have felted it, but I may felt it more I haven't decided. I think that I will make a lining for the purse, I like to have a small pocket on the inside of my purses and I think that a cardboard liner in the bottom would help the bag hold its shape and set better.
I really like how this pattern knits up, there is no seaming, just a lot of ends to weave in. When I was knitting the flap I accidentally knitted the stripe pattern wrong so the stripes on the flap don't match up like they should. I should also mention that I used a "bulky" wool and in hindsight I should have used larger needles(10.5 was recommended for the yarn) and that would have made the knitting looser and I think the bag would have felted better. I also like look of the leather strap on the original pattern better than my knitted version. I really enjoyed making this purse and I plan to make this pattern again.

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