Seat Belt Collecting

Mondays are my days to get things done and today that involved a trip to my local auto recycling center(you know, a junk yard). After seeing this video I just had to have some seat belts for my next project.

I was given directions from the owner of the place(he drew a map in the dirt and said to look for the cars that were stacked) I set off with my box cutter down a slightly muddy path. I walked about a quarter of a mile following the landmarks: past the white one ton truck and around the first curve to the right and found the stacked cars, which I avoided totally because they looked like they could fall at any moment! I will have to take my camera if I go back! Basically I just looked into every car that what sitting around, I was hoping to find black and grey seat belts. I was startled by a bob-tailed siamese cat that was hiding in a van and then I got to thinking about what else might be lurking about. I was able to collect six buckles and webbing to match before I got the heebie-geebies and decided to leave.
What really happened was I started thinking about how some of the cars were really crunched up and that maybe someone had died in them and I'm rooting around in the seat crevices where there might still be blood and guts, eeeewwww. I did come directly home and threw the whole bunch into the washing machine with hot water and lots of soap. They did wash up nicely and they look new!
I have started fusing the plastic and cutting out the pieces, but I am waiting to get some yellow bags for the design I want to fuse onto the pocket and I also need some piping. I can't wait to see how this turns out, I'm thinking it would make a great man-bag.

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crafterbation said...

I so stoked you decided to make one! I have yet to get my act together on one. I love your idea of getting "thrifted" trash bags! I have a huge stash of seat belts and buckle I got from my friend's dad who worked at an impound lot a number of years ago. It will be great if I actually get to put some of them to use!