Reusable shopping bag

I made two of these bags for my friend Lisa to use as a totes, one for her and one for her daughter.
I love this bag it is made just like those plastic bags that you get at the store only is fabric! They are lined and can even have a pocket to fold up into! The detailed picture tutorial can be found here.
I also made this one for the reusable shopping bag contest on craftster.
This is the front. I made the drawing with a regular black crayon and the leaves are rubbings. Once you are finished drawing, iron with a pressing cloth to set the crayon. This bag is machine washable, but no dryer!!!
Here's the back, you can see the pocket for holding the folded bag.

And here's the bag all folded up. I need to make more of these, they are really sturdy(they can carry 3 2-liter bottles). The tutorial also includes instructions for making button holes so the bags can be placed on the bag holders at the stores. This is a great way to cut down on plastic bag use and the design options are limitless!

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