A Swap for Knitters - Package Sent

I shipped my knitters swap package to auntiem today and am anxiously waiting for her to receive it. Here's the whole package.There is a yarn caddy made from a 2-liter bottle(pattern) and holding a skein of corn yarn, a circular needle holder(pattern), a row counting bracelet, some yarn bobbins, some stitch markers, and some patterns I found online. (Not pictured is a knitting book and some Workbasket magazines from the 1980's.)This is a detail of the bracelet, yarn bobbins and stitch markers. I use Swarovski crystal bead for the bracelet, the smaller beads are used to count the individual rows and the larger beads are for every ten rows, they each have their own elasticised silver markers. The bobbins and charms on the stitch markers are made from shrink plastic that I stamped with hand carved stamps that I made when I was in college. The shape of the yarn bobbins is inspired by bread ties, I just scanned one and enlarged it 400% and traced it onto the shrink plastic, they work great for holding yarn tails!I coated the back of them with a thick layer of diamond glaze (go here to get a form for a free sample) to make them super shiny. I love diamond glaze, but if there are any bubbles in it when you apply it they have to be popped or they will be there forever! I've had very good luck using my engraving tool on the right side of this picture.
This was a really fun swap, stay tuned for what I received!

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