Fused Plastic Messenger Bag

I finally finished my first fused plastic messenger bag! I did decide to use a different style than the one featured in the video and so my seat belts will be saved for another project. I am really pleased with how this one came out, I see a lot more fusing in my future.
I really like how the gear appliques turned out and I think that the bias binding really adds that "extra" detail.Here it is modeled by my husband who is trying to look thoughtful.And another shot to show how the bag hangs. I was really surprised at how light this bags is and the texture is like elephant skin. I must get more colored bags, my mother did find some old blue *mart sacks and a purple bag from lord knows where in her bag holder and I have everyone I know saving yellow dollar store bags for me. I seem to only have white ones and the only reason I keep them is for scooping the litter box.


Green Plan(t) said...

This is really very cool. I've just discovered your blog and the method of fusing plastic to make fabric. So excited! I have plans to make some fabric into a reusable sandwich wrap for my husband. Just trying to cut back on waste.

Looking forward to reading more!

Crafterella said...

Thank you :) There is a lot of information availble on fusing plastic on the internet in general, but my favorite place to go is craftster, if you haven't already been there you should check it out.