Butterfly Hat Revisited

I was happy with my adult sized butterfly hat, but I still wanted to make one for Little Miss.  I went down to a G and whipped up a purple one and then I decided to go smaller.  I made the light blue one using an E hook.butterfly hat allI have to say that the variegated one seems a little busy now and the butterfly isn’t as noticeable.

butterfly hat blue

The blue one fits, but seems a little small and would always be falling off. butterfly hat purple

The purple one fits the best! and it seems to make her goofy, so it must be the perfect hat.

Once again I will have to say that this is a super cute and easy pattern, I’ll have to use some of my stash to make a few more of these for my craft show booths.


Chimera Crochet said...

That looks super good. It looks so much better on- you can really see the detail!

Ashley said...

They came out beautifully. Having very limited crochet skills myself I am always amazed at what talented people can create. That purple is a brilliant color for your daughter. :)Goofy is always a good quality.

Crafterella said...

Thanks Chimera!

Ashley, I'm not really that good at crochet either, this pattern is super easy, it's all double crochet and a little bit of the chain stitch you should give it a try!