The Bag of Scraps

I have been having pretty busy weekends and that has kept me from going to yard sales and, as we all know, I really don’t need anymore stuff, but I did manage to make it to one last weekend.  Of course I came home with several bags of treasures (mostly kids clothes), but my most interesting find was a bag of scraps.  It was a large brown paper grocery bag filled with little bits of leftover fabric for a dollar!!!, I wanted it because on the top was a fat quarter of Star Wars fabric, I didn’t even look at what else was in there.  Once I started going through the bag I realized that most of the scraps were really small, so small that even I throw them away, but I really wanted to use them, the fabrics were all quality designer cottons and they were so colorful. 

I sorted out the larger pieces and decided to make quilted fabric.  I used four different sized shapes for my pieces:  a 1 1/2” square, a 2 1/2” square, a 1 1/2” by 2 1/2” rectangle, and a 2 3/4” triangle.  I cut out a large stack of these shapes and started sewing and pressing them, the goal was to not have any matching fabric touching and to not make myself crazy matching seams.scrap quiltSuccess, now what should I make with the patchwork fabric?  I have a ton of scraps, I could make quite a bit of this stuff, any suggestions?


The Oxford Family said...

lap blankets or blankets for dolls?

Crafterella said...

I think I'll make a doll blanket for Little Miss, but the rest I think I'll make into zip pouches, or maybe coasters?