Reusable Gift Bags

gift bag 2After reading this post from my friend Julie (I’m beginning to think that everything from China is dipped in lead, just for fun), I decided the reusable gift wrap was the way to go. I have such a large supply of fabric, some that I have had forever and this is a super way to start using it up. I needed to wrap some coloring/painting books for a party that we went to yesterday.

I found this fun retro TV fabric in mygift bag 1 stash and cut it to size and pressed down the top edge (where the drawstring would go). I made two button holes, sewed the sides and bottom together, and sewed to channel for the drawstring. For the string I used a piece of bias tape, another sewing notion I have a large supply of, sewn together, threaded through the channel and then I added beads to the ends and knotted them.

I don’t really think that the 7 year old that received this was very impressed, but I think his Mother liked it. The great thing is that it can be reused in so many ways: gift wrap, toy storage, project storage, overnight bag, lunch bag, etc. and I know that is isn’t going to be toxic or end up in the landfill. I guess I should start making some for Christmas, I just need to figure out some standard sizes to start with and then I can always make specialty sizes later.


Christine said...

Heehee, I was *very* impressed (still am!) but I must tell you this: he is *super* possessive of that bag, tucked it into his backpack to take to school, and it is currently filled with art supplies to take wherever he goes!

Crafterella said...

Yay, I'm glad he likes it. Those bags are so easy to make, you'll have to come over for a sewing lesson some time.