I Do Not Give Money to Charity

I know, I’m stingy! I refuse to give money to anyone who calls me asking for it, most of that stuff is a joke. The last one that call me had a really good pitch – we don’t want your money, but if you buy one of our magazine subscriptions will donate 10% of the subscription cost to the Special Olympics. Wow, 10% of a $10.00 subscription, that will really help out. I passed. I don’t put my change in jars by the register and I absolutely NEVER give money to panhandlers (except for that one guy who was honest and said he needed $.60 to get a “40” of beer). There are just too many scams, but there are ways that you can help without giving money.

I will donate things, crafts, and time. For example: clothes to the Goodwill, an ornament for a (local) charity auction, and time sewing special things that are desperately needed.

I was very interested when I heard about Project Thrive and their Days for Girls (facebook page) on Craftster. I definitely could find the fabric and the time to do that. My goal is 12 kits, which is 24 shields, 120 liners, and 12 bags.days for girls 1

I started by cutting out 12 shields and I finished sewing them today. I like how the pattern interlocks (it’s available on the Project Thrive website) and there is very little waste. Now I’m ready to start cutting the liners, I just need to clear some table space. I would like to mail off six kits by February 4th.days for girls 2 I also wanted to mention that even if you don’t sew there are other things that you can donate, so make sure you check them out!

There are tons of charities looking for a variety of crafters, it’s nice to be able to help even if I can’t (or won’t) donate cash. I had a wonderful day thinking about the girls that will be helped by the kits I’m making, I’ll keep you guys posted about my progress.

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