Inchies, Rinchies, and Twinchies…

…Oh My!  I am participating in a new swap on Craftster, partners were assigned on Tuesday.  This is a fun little swap that requires me to send 2 inchies (1” square artwork), 2 rinchies (1” round artwork), and 1 twinchie (2” square artwork) to each of my three partners.  It nice to be in a swap where the postage is only a stamp, one of the main reasons that I stopped swapping was that shipping was so expensive on the larger swaps.
Everyone picked several themes that they liked and we all got to work crafting.  One of my partners already sent me my set:
inchies, rinchies, twinchies from mintdawnThis lovely cupcake set is from MintDawn.  My favorite it the cannibal cupcake twinchie. 
I have been working on her set.  I think I’m finished. I won’t be mailing it out until Monday (here’s a sneak peek):inchies, rinchies, twinchies for mintdawnI will be adding labels to the backs.  I’m a little disappointed with my twinchie, it looked great and then I decided to put a matte sealer over it and the sealer smudged the background and made the black ink run :(  I might have to make another one.  The background was my favorite, a blue watercolor wash flecked with alcohol for a fun molted effect.
Have a super crafty weekend!!! 


mieljolie said...

Sorry to hear about the smudges. They look nice. I've never heard of using alcohol on watercolor. I've always enjoyed the effect achieved putting salt on wet waltercolor.

BTW, I hear ya on the shipping costs of swaps! Can get out of hand easily. I'm lucky that most of what I make these days doesn't weight too much. :)


oobbles said...

Haha! I love those cupcake ones! She did a great job!