The Bandanna Dress

I loved the bandanna pants so much that when I saw the 15 minute dress tutorial on Trey and Lucy I had to try it. bandanna dress blackAll you need to know is if you sew and know a little girl you should make at least one of these!  bandanna dress purple They ARE quick, I made three in an hour while also carrying on two separate conversations on twitter and doing some light cleaning.  These are for a friend, I made one for Little Miss too, it has skulls on it, but she refused to model it.  I can’t believe we have already started arguing about what she should wear, I can’t wait until she’s a teenager!
I also spent yesterday editing some cemetery photos.  I going to put them in my store for the Halloween season.  cemetery photo collage I just can’t decide if I should make them into tags, postcards, or prints.  I would love to get your opinion, leave your thoughts in the comments.


DeeDee said...

cute cute dresses.. and I think you should make them digital prints so all can use in thier crafts... :D... they look awesome

Anonymous said...

Cute bandana dresses! They look like a similar pattern to the fat quarter pillowcase dresses I just posted today. I'll have to make one for my girls soon! :)

Crafterella said...

DeeDee, thanks :D I don't know how to do digital collage sheets (I'll have to google that later).

Andrea, thanks, they are just like the pillow case dresses I've seen, but since the bandannas are already hemmed the are super quick to sew.