Watercolor Backgrounds

Friday I talked about the inchies (rinchies, & twinchies) I was making and mieljolie commented that she had never seen alcohol used with watercolor, so when I needed to make backgrounds for my instant cemetery cans I snapped a few photos of the process.  watercolor and alcohol 5
Watercolor is an inexpensive and easy medium to work with and you can get a variety of one of a kind backgrounds to use for all sorts of fun things.watercolor and alcohol 1I started out by painting an entire page of watercolor paper with a wash of water tinted with black.  I wanted the paper to be thoroughly wet.watercolor and alcohol 2Next I added some black.  I painted it on in stripes and let the edges bleed together, I wanted a variegated background with different shades of black.watercolor and alcohol 3Using a bunched up paper towel I blotted some of the paint off the paper on the top half of the page.watercolor and alcohol 4Once I was satisfied with that I flicked rubbing alcohol onto the paper.  The effect is immediate, it looks kind of like bleach spots.  I love the blotchy, molted look it gives the paper.  Once the papers are dry I will glue mini copies of the new tombstones onto it and make the paint can wrapper.
I also really love the salt technique she mentioned, I used that for some of the backgrounds of my spooky spice labels.
Do you have a favorite watercolor technique?, I’d love to hear about it :)


CJ said...

My fave watercolor technique is laying a piece of plastic wrap and making wrinkles with the wrap and moving the paint underneath. Then leaving it alone to dry. Cool patterns when you remove the plastic wrap. I'll have to give the alcohol a try. That's a new one on me.

mieljolie said...

Well, look at that! I really like this technique! I must try it. That cool texture on you cans gives the appearance of a dense wooded and foggy area. Very creepy cool.

I'll have to try the plastic, too, CJ.

Thank you both for sharing!