Draw String Bags (Days for Girls)

I mentioned (in January) that I wanted to make some kits for Days for Girls and that was it…things came up, I was busy and I haven’t worked on any kits since.  I was really hoping to be long done with my goal of 12 kits for the year, but here I am.  So, I am going to stop beating myself up over not finishing when I though I would and just do it, the year isn’t over yet.  I originally finished 12 shields, which is enough for six kits.  Tonight I made 6 draw string bags.  Now, if I make 60 liners I’ll have 6 kits done.  The are just rectangles, I can cut those with a rotary cutter and cutting all of them out is my next goal.draw string bags DFGTip of the Day:  One of the best time saver I’ve been using is the Straight folding template from the Scientific Seamstress.  It has really streamlined my sewing process, much better that a seam ruler.
I also want to remind you that if you have the time there are many different things that can be sewn for Days for Girls and any parts of kits are welcomed and if you don’t sew they also need panties, washcloths, and soap.

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