I have been feeling like I’m running behind and I can’t seem to get caught up.  Add in kids going back to school, an out of town guest, and a husband going back to work and I am exhausted AND running around in circles!
I have been making tons of progress with the clutter and I am getting so much more organized (BTW, I am completely in LOVE with my new planner), but the craftiness has been slacking.  organizer and knitting A lot of my projects are just getting slapped together and some of them aren’t even getting finished before I move on to the next thing.  I’m not really as proud or as excited about some of these projects and that is just not me.  I have decided the best way to fix this it to take a couple of weeks off from blogging.  I want to keep going with the de-cluttering and organizing mission that I have been on and I also want to get back on track creatively, so I’ll have fun and exciting new projects to share here.  Now would be the perfect time to check out the tutorial or favorite tabs, there is also pinterest to inspire your craftiness while I’m away. I’ll be checking in on Twitter and posting a few updates on the Facebook page too.  If that’s not enough you can always send me an email :D
See you back here in a couple of weeks!

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