Beloved Companion Shrine

I want to make a shrine for my cat Mango, who was put to sleep in December. I wanted to have him cremated and buried with me when I die, but that was just not possible. I've been working on sketches and I like the way it looks, but there is an empty spot in the lower right side that deeds something, maybe a short prayer or verse.
I have the perfect box to use it is roughly 4" X 6" and 2" deep with a lid. The Bast figure I have fits perfectly inside. I will be making an embossed metal frame for Mango's picture. BTW I did some research online and found out that disposable aluminium pans work for embossing. I made a sample and it was a lot easier than the soda cans. For the lid I want to cut a round window. On the inside of the lid I will have the story of adopting Mango.


Paul Pincus said...

This is very beautiful. Sorry for your loss...I understand how you must feel...you were lucky to have had each other.

Crafterella said...

Thank you Paul, this is a part of my grieving process, I really miss him.