Book Review: Making Creative Cloth Dolls by Marthe Le Van

This book is visually stimulating with a wide variety of art dolls. I really liked that all of the dolls shown have the artists' vision included with the description.

This book starts with a basic overview of tools, materials, and techniques and also includes a list of what your basic sewing kit should include. Ms. Le Van has created three "blank canvas" doll patterns(clarity, energy, and strength) with basic instructions. The blank dolls are there interpreted by four different doll artists using different styles and techniques. There are also instructions for twelve other original dolls. At the end of the book is a gallery of even more art dolls, patterns, and brief bios of contributors.

Projects of interest - Lois Simbach's Hearts Desire Wish Doll(pages 108-109), Pamela Hastings Folk Art Dolls(pages 86-87), and the Author's Strength Doll(pages 60-62). Inspiration - Dolls for sacrifice(page59), dolls for magic(page 71), and dolls for fertility(page 107).

I recommend this book for someone interested on making art dolls. It has enough basic information to get you started, however an experienced doll maker may find it less useful.

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