Metal Frames

After reading Kaleidoscope I decided that I wanted to try the arting and crafting with metal project(page 36). I did not have any 36 -38 gauge metal sheeting, so I used soda cans as a substitute. I often substitute when I am trying a new project to see if it is something that I will enjoy before investing in supplies that I don't have. Soda cans do not like to lay flat and I solved this by making cardboard frames and covering them with the cans.

I used sharpie markers to color them and I haven't decided if I will be antiquing them. I will be exploring this project further, I already have plans to make a shrine with an art deco styled frame as the center piece. I will be purchasing the sheet metal because I think that it will be easier to form. This project would be great for artists who enjoy altered art to people who enjoy scrapbooking and card making.Let me know what you think. These are my first attempts, the images in the book were much more elaborate. The instructions were very detailed and I didn't have any problems working with the metal.

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