Learning to Knit

I have been teaching myself to knit, it's something that I do occasionally to relax, I often knit when I'm annoyed or irritated. I really wanted to use this pattern, but I didn't have the yarn she used, so I started making adjustments, I'll just cast on 40 instead of 32, surely that will make it fit.
This is my first try, the pattern looks fine(it's my first time making stripes), but it's to small and makes my arm look like a sausage. Okay, I'll just start over.

Here we go. Now I'm casting on 52 stitches, it seems better so far. I'm now to the point where I'll decrease for the wrist. I'm good at decreasing, it's increasing that seems to be a problem. I'll probably finish just in time for a hot July evening out.

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