Review: Digital Concepts Light Box

I was going to build my own light box for taking photos using this tutorial. I needed a tripod for my camera, so I was looking for one at Walmart. All they had was a gigantic one that looked like it could hold a old school video camera. I have a tiny little Kodak camera it would had been silly to have such a large tripod. Anyway I happened to notice that they were selling a light box kit, it was about $50, it had a light box, mini tripod, two lights and two different backgrounds.

Here it is set up. The great thing is that it folds flat and has pockets for the lights and tripod. I think it had really taken my product photos to the next level.



The details are a lot sharper and it just looks more professional. I went to Walmart online to see if they carried this light box, but the only thing that they had was this for $140 and it looked pretty much the same as what I bought except the box is different. I did find it here for $40.16 and free shipping on Amazon.

I would recommend this light box to anyone that needs to take professional pictures of smaller items. It is a real value for the price and the way that it folds up and stores everything is ideal.

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