Product Review: Paper Recycling Factory from Bill Nye

I bought the Bill Nye Paper Recycling Factory on clearance after Christmas last December for $10.00.  When I saw that there was no need for batteries or expensive “refill packs” I thought this would be a great investment.  I have made paper before and have also been lucky enough to take papermaking my first two semesters in art school, I was hoping this would be simple and fun.bill nye I was really impressed with everything that was included in the kit, I especially liked the simple press that was included and that there were several different shaped deckles to use.

I started soaking my paper at dinner time using the scraps from my cereal box journals and some newspaper.  I am thinking that I could also use the blender to make paper-mache pulp(or mix up pudding) and the press can be used for pressing flowers and leaves or small bookbinding projects.  I also think I will be using the tray to do some simple marbling with ink.

paper recycling factory 5The directions are simple and to the point there are a few tips and some fun facts too.  I highly recommend getting one of these microfiber sponges from the dollar tree, it made it really easy to remove the excess water from the paper.

paper recycling factory 1 I had a little trouble using the blender, the paper kept sticking in the blades, but after adding more water it started working great.  The newspaper was easier to break down in the mixer, the notebook paper was chunkier, but I was still able to mold it.

              paper recycling factory 2      paper recycling factory 3

I had to try out all of the different shapes and while the heart and star are fun I preferred the rectangle and circle.  I will probably just cut it into my own shapes after it dries, I definitely want to make some ATCs!

paper recycling factory 4 I really like how the newspaper turned out, the bits of words and letters really look interesting!  The notebook paper seem kind of plain, I bet it would be more fun with used(written on) paper.  I liked the lighter color of mixing the two paper pulps together. 

To sum everything up, I highly recommend this product, there are so many different things that can be done with the finished paper and different projects using parts of the kit.  The only reason I stopped making paper was because I ran out of counter space.  I’m really excited to see how the paper looks once it is dry.

I am really excited about this kit and I am sure I will be using it more.  I would highly recommend getting one of you own if you interested in trying paper making.  It was simple to use and the results are just what I expected.  The pieces seem to be made well and it was easy to set up and clean up.  I just can’t say enough nice things about this product!

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Chimera Crochet said...

Fun! After the new house is set up, have us over for a paper making class! (^_^)