I did some more thrift shopping this weekend, Goodwill had their $.99 clothing sale and I just couldn’t resist.  I always check the kids clothes, although since the new CSPCA laws passed there is never anything good.  I noticed this top right away, it was very colorful and odd.  When I looked at it closer I couldn’t believe the pattern.

thrifted fabric(Yeah, I already ripped it apart.)  Look closely, there are Russian nesting dolls, Russian buildings, cabbage roses and woven rug patterns.  The fabric is almost like a photo and to top it all off it is velour!!!

thrifted fabric detail

Sadly the tags had been cut out, so I have no idea what brand or even what size this top was.  The good news is I have enough for three zippered pouches. 

So what do you guys think, is this a treasure or am I a bit weird?  Does anyone recognize this fabric, where is it from?


Ashley said...

That fabric is awesome. I'm jealous ;) ... Great find.

Crafterella said...

Thanks Ashley, it really was a lucky find. I have it all cut up and now I need to decide what color of fabric to line the bags with.

Anonymous said...

Oooh I love it! I almost cannot stand how creative you are.

Crafterella said...

Thanks Brad, I guess I'm just lucky like that :)

Anonymous said...

I think that it is from Oilily, childrens store.