The Crafty Chica Bag Challenge Results

The results are in, I am one of the runners up! (read the full article from Craft here).  What did I win you ask?  A Crafty Chica bobblehead and a gift card to MakerShed!

Crafty Chica bobblehead! by Amy Cluck of Peptogirl Industries.

Image from Amy Cluck of Peptogirl Industries photo stream on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/peptogirl/3579765791/

It was really exciting to be a part of the contest, of course I wish I would have won, but I was recognized for my efforts, so yay!!!  The winner was my favorite (besides my own bag).  I love the dimension of the ruffle and the ball fringe!

El Sol Del Valle/ The Valley Sun by

Image from dntblvedahype 's photo stream on Flickr


Congratulations to all the other winners and thanks to all my friends for all your support.


refibered said...

I still think you were robbed! lol

You had a terrific entry. Don't forget your other "prize": you get to keep that awesome bag!!

Crafterella said...

Kelly, I had a lot of fun and I tried some new techniques and I learned a lot too, so it was worth it. Oh, and there's the leftover glitter vinyl that I get to play around with!