Busy Busy

You may be wondering what happened to me last week, it seems as if I almost disappeared, but I assure you, I am still here.  Last week was super exiting for me, my instant cemetery was featured in the Storque (etsy’s blog) and as the main picture of the article!

storque article 8.27.2009. cropped againThere was a wonderful flood of sales and convos and it has been very exciting.  I have been busy cutting out tombstones and deco-podging cans and going to the post office.

infinite cemeteryI am almost caught up, I’m just waiting for more supplies, they’ll be here tomorrow along with some new fun stuff to try.

I have fabric prewashing now and I am hoping to craft up some household stuff this week and I am also expecting a new crafting book to review and oodles of other things, so I’ll see you later this week!


BellasSweetBoutique said...

Congrats on all the sales! You have been busy!!

Tiffany (aka: mieljolie) said...

Congrats on the feature! That instant cemetery is so cool!

I really can't fathom how you manage to create such wonderful things and keep your blog updated in the process. You're a Craft WIZARDESS (Is that a word?)! :)


Crafterella said...

Thanks guys :), it was soooo exciting! I really enjoy blogging and so I miss it when I am to busy to blog about new crafty projects, it seems like I always have a long list of projects to work on, so I don't think I will ever be finished crafting.

refibered said...

Yay! Congratulations!!