Book Review: Steampunkery by Christi Friesen


I was really excited to get Steampunkey by Christi Friesen, the images on the cover had me really excited and I was not disappointed!  Even if I had not read the book, the pictures alone were worth the investment.  I found her work inspiring and I couldn’t wait to get out my clay.  I did find the writing style with the “notes” a little annoying and being referred to the back of the book for suppliers and tips was a little repetitive, but that is all very minor in the end.  I learned a lot of interesting new techniques and I found all of the projects inspiring even if they weren’t quite my style.

For my first project I used her steampunk bug tutorial (it’s on here website for free).  I had all the supplies on hand and thought it would make a cute new accessory for me.steampunk bug 1I am really pleased with my first attempt and I am dying to make a heart pendant or pin.

This book has clear instructions, loads of pictures, and a list of suppliers to help you recreate all of the projects inside.  It also showcases some other designers. I have been really inspired by this book and can’t wait to apply it to my own projects.  If you would like to see some more of Christi’s work or try out some of her tutorials there are several free ones on her website.

Now I think I need a mini top hat, with some lace and feathers that I can wear my new pin on, I know just the perfect pattern…

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