So Many Projects and Not One Done

As you know I am usually working on five to fifty projects at a time, but normally I decide what I will be finishing each week to post here and concentrate on those two or three projects.  Unfortunately this week things came up that disrupted my crafty time and I don’t have a finished project for today, so I thought I’d share some of the things I’m working on.mushroom canisters taped This is one of the treasures that we rescued on our Forth of July junk shopping trip.  I’m trying to make it go with my kitchen vision.  So far plan A and plan B were a total failure, but I’m hopeful plan C will work (I also have a plan D, but hopefully it won’t come to that).  I am waiting to get supplies for plan C, I’m hoping for a 40% coupon from Hobby Lobby next week.poppet legs and arms This was what I thought I would have finished today, but now it is just a pile of legs and arms.  It’s a doll from the famous Craftster Poppet pattern.  I’m thinking I may have this done next week, unless I get distracted (oooooh shiny, yes that really happens to me) or need some special supply that I don’t have.critter parts Here is another pile of parts, knitted parts, waiting to be blocked and sewn into many fun little creatures.  I have finally restocked my yarn and am back knitting again.  Working on number three of four, but thinking I may improvise an extra to make it a family of five.

That’s the main focus of my craftiness this week, I am also working on other things and trying to keep on the cleaning/organizing binge I’ve been on.  Now I have to go clean the kitchen, someone knocked over an entire can of soda and there is sticky everywhere, I’d really rather be knitting!

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