Post Holiday T-Shirt Yarn Part 2

So, I was sad that my t-shirt yarn curled the design to the inside, but I decided to use it anyway.  It turned out really well, the red and the blue can still be seen, but they are muted and it looks really shabby chic.  I decided to make a halter top for Little Miss, I knew this fabric would look cute with jeans.  What that means is I basically knitted a triangle.  I added some braided straps and picked up stitches along the side to make a strap to go across her back.flag yarn knitted

I was planning on using the leftover stars and stripes fabric to make some sort of ruffled bottom, but when I randomly set the top down on ugly shirt number two it just clicked.  The softer colors on this flag shirt complimented the new yarn better and it would look less Forth of July.flag yarn finishedI think it’s pretty cute, I love working with t-shirts, especially since the edges don’t fray.  I still need to sew the buttons on the strap and check the length of the “skirt” part of the top, but this has been a great success!

I think the next thing I would like to make with t-shirt yarn is a rug for the bathroom, now I need to pick some colors that would look good in there and start stocking up on t-shirts.

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Ashley said...

:) Happy accident and such a cute little top. That should be fun to wear this summer.