But It Was On Sale

Last weekend I found a Sizzix Sidekick die cutting machine on clearance for $9.00 and although I don’t really need a die cutting machine the deal was too good to pass up. (BTW mine is red, image from sizzix.com).


I also got some flower dies (?) to cut with and decided to really put this little machine to the test. For my first project I cut aluminum can into cute little flowers. Soda cans are easy to cut with regular scissors and I just cut them into small squares and ran them through the Sidekick!die cut soda cans 1It cut them beautifully and even bevels the edges so they aren’t razor sharp anymore. I snipped the petals a little and bent them forward to make these more dimensional. I think I might try embossing the next one.die cut soda cans 2The dies seem fine, I cut paper and card stock after and they still worked great, now I just need some more shapes I have so many ideas. We’re going to have to start drinking more colorful soda!

Have a super crafty weekend!


curegirl0421 said...

Actually I'm betting you helped your dies out... a can or two every month will keep the edges nice and sharp and actually improve their ability to cut paper and such!

But spill... where'd ya find one so cheap!? :)

Crafterella said...

Yay, I'm glad I'm not destroying them, they can get pricey, especially if I get a lot of them.
I found this great deal at Micheal's, the store here isn't going to carry the Sidekick machines or dies any more and they just wanted to get rid of them. I got the last one and there weren't any dies left. I thought it was going to be $25.00, that's what the sign said, and I was super excited when it was only $9.00, check with your local store, maybe they're getting rid of theirs too.