Aarg!!! Curse This Mess

In the process of cleaning up and organizing the house (the looooong process) we have misplaced the drill.  It sounds stupid when I say it, but I had plans to drill holes in at least four places this weekend.  Yes, I plan to drill holes, in fact I daydream about it when I’m feeding the baby.pet netThis is today's blog post, yeah it’s kind of unimpressive lying there in a heap, but without the drill this is what it is.  These will be a great way to store stuffed animals once the drill is found, if I haven’t found it by payday I’m buying a new one (I have been searching for it for 2 days), I am sooooo frustrated with myself and this mess!

I was going to hang a broom/mop organizer and a pot rack too.  I’m off to do some more cleaning and searching, wish me luck!

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