Call Me Dr. Frankendoll

I decided to make Little Miss a doll after seeing this pattern, dress and shoe pattern included. Plus it was a big girl doll, not a baby, she has tons of those. BTW, this is a Christmas present, yes, I’m actually planning ahead. I have been crocheting while I feed the baby so it only took me a few days. The hair took one whole day by itself, but it is nice and thick, so worth it.frankendoll piecesI stuffed her tight (perhaps too tight) and used plastic pellets to weight her body. I should also point out that I crocheted her in the round, unlike the pattern, I didn’t think the stripes jogging would bother me (it does bother me a tiny bit).franken doll 1Here she is all sewn together. Her feet/legs are definitely overstuffed, but that’s okay. She needs a hair cut and style and her face needs to be embroidered. I have her dress partially finished and I’ll need to do the shoes.

I’m thinking I might make another one and make a few changes. I didn’t make her thumbs from the pattern and so I think that her hands are a bit long and I think that I might like to follow the pattern and crochet her flat and stitch her up and maybe easy up on the stuffing a little bit.

I’m going to sleep on it and see what I think tomorrow. I could save the head and make her a new body, hmmm, anyone want to give me your opinion?

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Ashley said...

Would you like to give her two dolls for Christmas? They could be best friends? Maybe the other could have a different hair color and be purple? The only problem would be if the second made the first look "off".
I think the first is adorable anyway. I'ms ure she will get lots of play time.
Little Miss is lucky to have such a fun momma.