Unruly Hair Wrap

I have very long, thick, coarse hair and needless to say it spends most of the summer in a bun, braid or ponytail.  Now that I have bangs they hang down and make my forehead hot too.  I usually wear a bandana, but I was starting to feel a little rednecky and not cute.  Speaking of not cute, I would like to mention that taking a flattering picture of yourself from the side is really difficult, focus on the head wrap, not my face.  100_3461 I found this really cute pattern for a larger head wrap on Susan In Stitches and crocheted one up yesterday afternoon.  I left off one repeat (I was using a partial ball and ran out).  It came out perfect and really holds all the stray hair and bangs down well.  Now I need to make a variety of colors, the orange is a little bright.  I’m thinking the the Sugar and Cream cotton yarn I used may have been a bit bulky for the pattern, so I might try a finer yarn next time too.

It’s back to the craft room for me, I will be sharing a booth with some of my Lincoln Handmade Team members tomorrow at the Festival of Rock and, of course, I’ll be sewing until the last minute.  Have a super crafty weekend!

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