Art Journaling

I greatly admire art journaling and I repeatedly fail in my attempts.  I have the journal part down and the art part down, but when I try to put them together I fail.  I think it’s a layering issue.  I also think that I make them too sketchbooky (new word), more of just an idea and how to execute it instead of thoughts and feeling too.  sketchbooky

See, sketchbooky.  The left one is my sketchbook, the middle is the beginning of a collage style book for Halloween stuff, and the one on the bottom is some more just straight up sketchbook stuff, I definitely need layers!

I have a nice collection of books on the subject and I just bought another one last night, it was to visually inspiring to leave at the store.imageThere are a lot of repetitive techniques in all of these books (packing tape transfers, watercolor washes, printing bubble wrap), but this one did have some good new ideas (a calendar and great prompt suggestions) and I really enjoy the artistic style of the journal pages in this book.  Maybe I should just work through it page by page making samples of all the techniques and see if that gives me the look I want.

I also really admire the ability of some artists to share their journal pages, it makes me wonder if they share it all or just the pretty, nice, happy, positive stuff.  I write about a lot of private things and I don’t think that I want to share all that (journaling is my therapy).  I want to get all of those feelings out on paper, but I don’t think everyone needs to read it.  What do you guys think? keep it private, share it all, or share some blurring out the private?  And if you art journal, who do you find inspiring?

Have a super crafty weekend!


Clair said...

Just came your way via your Tree of Life Pendant(which is excellent by the way!) I have this exact same problem with art journalling - I really want to be messy and arty but I'm too structured and organised!

I'm greatly admiring Dina Wakely so check out her work if you haven't already :)

mieljolie said...

My mom and I just recently became inspired to try art journaling, ourselves. I found Teesha Moore's tutorials on youtube very interesting. She even has tutes on making a fabric journal cover and creating custom pages. Below is the first step in layering the pages, which was painting the journal. It goes on from there into collage and pen work.


Mom had a hard time letting go and just doodling. But, it's a great exercise in composition.