Stuffed Animal Storage

Before I tell you about the fabulous “pet nets” that I made I have to announce that obviously I found the drill! I spent all day trying to remember where I had used it last and finally I remembered that I had put a can crusher in the laundry room. Once I knew the area to search I quickly found it, it was behind the washing machine. I guess a rigorous spin cycle had vibrated it off the back. Crazy, right?

Okay, back to the stuffed animals. If you have kids you have stuffed animals, it’s like these things multiply overnight. I swear I don’t even know where these stuffies came from. I also threw out a large bag full when our basement flooded and we still have a ton of them. I needed storage for the most beloved of the animals and so I was super excited to find this crocheted toy net pattern.pet net finishedThis was a great project for using up some super scratchy vintage acrylic yarn. The pattern was easy and turned out perfectly, all those dc’s (double crochets) got a bit monotonous, but it was worth it. I think that I will have to make at least one more for Little Miss, there are stuffies everywhere in her room. I’m excited to have emptied a tote full of animals and used up four skeins of crap yarn, yay success! Now I just need to figure out what to do with the super nice, giant dragon stuffies that Grandguy (that’s what the kids call my FIL) got for both of them, I’m taking suggestions :).

I now have a date with the drill, you know, for those holes I was daydreaming about drilling.

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