Friday Favorites

It has been a busy week here, so many projects are waiting to be finished. Some just need an uninterrupted hour and others need one more trip to the store. Little Man has not been himself this week (I think he’s teething) and has not wanted to be put down and I have a hard time crafting holding a baby, good thing he’s cute :-). I expect to have oodles of things to share next week, in the meantime enjoy some of my current favorites from etsy.8-13-10 favorites

Pushing Daisies Print from strawcastle

Original Oil Painting – Blue Wizard from folkcity

Laserkitty oyster card case from tinymeat

Hedgehog Yarn Wreath from KnockKnocking

The Wing Collector, 5 X 5 print from ThisYearsGirl

Shredded t-Shirt No. 4 from UrbanRevisions

Silver Dolly Blank Sketchbook from linguine

Rabid Hamster from DogDaemona

Antique Wood Type Mix 72 Letters from TurnersCollectables

Eco Friendly PDF dollhouse Pattern from DollsandDaydreams

Soar Pendant from robinwade

Webs, hand engraved candle holders from daydreemdesigns

Rock Hounds drilled Rocks from stonestudiostoo

Silenced, black and white 8 X 10 photo from Libertyimages

5 X 7 Augustina Foxiewicz Photo from GrandOleBestiary

Have a super crafty weekend!

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