Button Button

Every day I have been checking Traci Bunkers blog following her 30 day of carving (stamps), it has been very inspiring.  On day 24 her stamp looked like a button and suddenly all I ever wanted was a hand carved button stamp.  Now, I did not want to copy hers, I wanted to be inspired/influenced, but not a copy cat.eraser stamps, buttonsSo here I am trying not to copy her stamp, that blue one is pushing it.   I even got out my box of buttons to find some authentic designs. eraser stamps, actual buttonsI find the less stylized ones more interesting, the octagon one (second from the left) is my favorite.  BTW, button holes and thread are really hard to carve!  I also randomly felt the need to make a citrus slice stamp.
I am really obsessed with this shape/idea.  I am going to explore this motif more, maybe a larger stamp, smaller stamp or a different stamping material.

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