Organized: Sewing Machine

On Monday when I looked at the before photo of my sewing area I knew there was a serious problem: there is a bucket of thread clippings and the whole time I was sewing the only scissors I could find to clip my threads with were pinking shears (those orange handled ones were gone, used to cut out the fabric). Do you know how hard it is to snip little thread ends with pinking shears?!?
sewing machine before detailWhat I needed was a way to keep things like thread clippers, seam gauges, marking pens, and thread clippings under control. I needed a sewing machine caddy.sewing machine mat after detail
It turned out exactly how I wanted it to, and look how nice all my tools look. The thread catcher, on the left, is removable for easy emptying and I lined it with a plastic back when I was sewing it together to make it easy to get all those little snips of fabric and thread out. I also made my own bias tape.sewing machine mat after
I even managed to get the floor and surrounding area cleaned up. The reason that the cabinet was off center under the shelf was that I had to slide the cabinet over so I could get a chair in there to sew. All of my rolls of things are stored neatly on the side in a magazine holder and all the piles of magazines (that you couldn’t see in the picture, but were preventing the chair from fitting in front of the cabinet) have been put onto the shelves.
It’s so nice to have everything at my fingertips and not to need climb over stuff and rearrange furniture to do some sewing, now I need to work on the other half of the room!
Let me know if you’re interested in a tutorial for the caddy and I’ll put one up. Have a super crafty weekend!

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fmlady said...

I would love to see a tutorial for this. I think yours in unique and would like to see how you inserted the lining for your thread catcher, and you have some of the best pockets!