Friday Favorites and Junk

This has been a long week, Little Sir started the week sick (turns out it was influenza B), there were 2 snow days, and now I’m watching the sickness spread through the house (Little Miss is getting sick too). We’ve had lots of fun: movies, hot chocolate, cupcakes, popsicles, and lots of cuddling, but my craft routine is off. Hopefully I’ll get back in the swing next week.

If you haven’t already noticed I have a Facebook page now too (the widget is over there –> somewhere), I’ll be updating it often with what I’m working on or planning for the moment and you can see newly listed items in my stores and new blog posts in your Facebook news feed if you “like” it. It will also be a great way for us to talk directly and if you have any questions, requests, or just want to stop by and say hi.

I have also started working on my Artfire Studio (FYI, it’s like Etsy, but smaller) so today I’ll be sharing favorites from there. As you know this is one of my favorite color combos Red and Turquoise, you'll need to click on view this collection to view all 12 of my picks.

Have a super crafty weekend!

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