I May Have Broken the Baby

I do crafty stuff almost everyday, some days I get to do more than others, but here lately life has gotten in the way.  Having two different sicknesses hit our house this month has really drained everyone, especially me.  To make things more complicated I may have broken the baby.  Little Man has been the best baby ever, he’s happy all the time, likes everyone, stops crying the minute you pick him up, is curious and active and usually goes to sleep whenever he is put into his crib, but here lately he has completely given up sleeping at night.  Every night he kicks and screams and cries to fight sleeping, it’s crazy.  He’s not hungry, diaper’s nice and fresh, all his favorite blankies are there, nothing has changed.  He still takes his naps just fine, but no, he doesn’t want to sleep at night and if he can’t sleep, I can’t sleep.  Last night on the fifth time I went to feed him and re-tuck him in I notice this, look down by his hands:bite marks Those are teeth marks, he’s been gnawing on his crib like a beaver.  That can’t be good.   I checked to see if he was teething and I’m not seeing any swelling or new teeth, but maybe the ones he has are giving him fits.  I normally keep a blanket over the side of the crib, but he has been pulling it off, I’m going to have to find a way to keep the blanket up there.  I also need to get him back into his routine, but so far, it’s not going well.  Maybe I’ll get him fixed this weekend.

My point is that I haven’t gotten a lot of my current projects wrapped up enough to share.  I’ll admit that sometimes the paint is still wet or I might need to go back and snip a few thread or put a few more finishing touches on things before they’re completely done, but usually they are done enough to share.  I ran out of time this week.  I’m working on my normal half a dozen projects with plans to start more, but nothing is even close to finished although I am having a great time working on them all.

If you have any suggestions to get Little Man sleeping again at night DO let me know and Have a super crafty weekend!!!


julie said...

Two words: Baby Tylenol. ;)

mieljolie said...

Ooo...that's a tough one. There were THREE of us on shifts raising my daughter (who I might add was the easiest baby ever)! :) However, she wanted to be held 24/7. When she didn't want to sleep, we put on some music and/or bathroom fan (this really works). Walking her around on a pillow until she fell asleep was a last resort. We would use the pillow and lay it in the crib with her as not to jostle her too much. I'm not sure I recommend this, but it worked for us. As for teething, I can't remember any tricks. Sorry, I'm not much help.

Hope you find a good solution. Or it resolves itself. As for breaking the baby, I think they are born broken, and we spend the rest of our lives fixing them. ;)


Rusty Mommy said...

Ooo I remember those days! Well, they have some wonderful covers for the cribs and while fiber is great, it probably isnt the best way for little man to get his :) Baby Tylenol is wonderful, chances are that he's getting more teeth in especially if he's trying to chew through his crib lol. Perhaps, before bed, try giving him frozen bananas in one of those mesh bag food holders for babies? Might work at numbing those tender spots. But honestly, as bad a wrap as it might have, Tylenol does do what it needs to and used correctly I found to work great. Also, he may be having seperation anxiety. This is an unfortunate phase that he just needs to know you're there. Sit with him for a while. I had to do that with my son for a couple of months. Shorten the time with him slowly. And remember... it's ok to let him cry! He won't break! Good luck hunny!

Crafterella said...

Thanks for the support everyone, baby Tylenol has been a staple here. He is doing much better, but still chewing on EVERYTHING. He must be getting a whole set of teeth (he has 5 now).

Mieljolie, there are the two of us taking turns and we keep the radio on all the time. It is never quiet here, especially with the older two.

Rusty Mommy, I think he just hasn't been feeling well from various different rounds of sickness that went around here. His crib is about 3 feet from my bed, so he can see me and honestly I think that might have made it worse.

He has been sleeping better and everyone else seems to be on the mend, so hopefully he's fixed (I'm crossing my fingers).