Long Overdue Cozy

I have had the directions for this project printed out for so long that they are no longer available on the original website (which is why I have to print everything out).  I have had this awesome Project Runway fabric since 2009 and now I have finally made my sewing machine a cozy!sewing machine after detailThe cover fits perfectly, that little bump in the back is the spool holders sticking up, I did just finish sewing!  If it was properly stored they would be down and the cover would be nice and rectangular (I’m doing good with the cover, we’ll work up to proper storage).  There is piping along the side seams and a lovely aqua binding on the bottom of the cozy.  That’s vintage seam binding, occasionally my hoarding pays off! sewing machine beforeHere’s what my little sewing corner has looked like and yes, I am still able to sew I just knock a lot of stuff over when I do.  I would like to point out that I am still using all the giant spice jars and they are working great for keeping all my bottle caps, pop tabs and other little bits and bobs sorted and stored.sewing machine afterAh, isn’t that nice?, now I just need to tackle the floor in that corner, so I can center the cabinet on that wall and it will be perfect. 

If you would like to make a sewing machine cover like mine this customizable cover looks very similar to the one I made.  I have another project that I’m working on for this area, now that the flu has moved on to Little Miss and Little Man I’m hoping that we can all be healthy by Wednesday and everything can go back to normal.

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