Custom Backpack Design

So, school starts tomorrow and I decided to wait until Sunday night to start making new backpacks for Little Miss and Little Sir.  Little Sir’s backpack is going to have a Star Wars stencil.  I found this image by googling and I don’t have a direct link because, while the picture showed up in the results, it was not on the page listed anymore.  I did a copy and paste (ahem, I’m claiming personal use).
clone stencil beforeHere it is all cut out of freezer paper and ironed on.  I really like stenciling nice smooth fabric, so much easier than a pre-sewn item.clone stencil afterAll finished, I did have to do two layers of white paint and the edges did bleed a little in places, they always do when you have to go back over it.  I love the results and I can wait to start sewing (it needed to dry completely before I start sewing, no smudges).
I am making simple string backpacks for both of them, but I am adding a few extra details to make them a bit nicer than the store bought ones.  Come back Wednesday and see the finished backpacks! 

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