Final Batch of Swap Goodies

I received the final set of inchies, rinchies, and twinchies.  These are from DizzerSpinninRound, I’m loving all the owls and who doesn’t love glitter?  inchies, rinchies, and twinchies from dizzerspinninround
She picked two of my themes: owls and cupcakes.  My favorites are the “nude” cupcake inchie (I know I have that image pinned somewhere) and the cupcake and owl inchie.

Here are the ones I sent her:inchies, rinchies, and twinchies for dizzerspinninroundObviously, I picked a steampunk theme.  Lots and lots of gears.  I really love the effect of using a glaze pen over a watercolor background and then washing over it with black. I am also really excited that the inexpensive, metallic watercolors I bought turned out so wonderful! inchies, rinchies, and twinchies for dizzerspinninround inside I also experimented with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic on the inside of the heart twinchie and the inchie on the bottom right.  It left a hard, glossy (difficult to photograph or scan) coating that embedded the gears and mimics resin without the fumes and dry time.
There were a lot of great inchies, rinchies, and twinchies sent, you should check out the gallery, it’s awesome!

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