It’s Hot

Yeah, I know it’s August, but really it seems like it’s hotter than usual.  I have been working on this project all weekend, but I can only stand to be outside about 30 minutes and then I have to come in and cool off.  I’m glad I don’t HAVE to be out in this weather, I don’t do well with hot (but who does?).  Anyway, one down…bowling ball ladybug
…ten more to go.
bowling ball ladybug progressThey need the black painted on and to be sealed.  I save the tie dyed ball (lower right) to make into a gazing ball, it’s really pretty.
I followed these instructions mostlyBowling Ball Bugs
I used spray paint instead of latex paint and plastic coated wire instead of copper wire.  You’re definitely going to want to do the caulking outside, that stuff is super stinky (I still feel a little woozy from the stink and heat).  I was able to do 11 balls with one tube, so you might one to get white paintable caulk if you’re only going to make a few and re-caulk your tube or sink with the extra.
I can’t wait to finish the rest, there are going to be ladybugs all over town!

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DeeDee said...

OMG! they are adorable... very very cute.... :D