More Organizing in Progress

I know that I’ve already talked about cleaning and organizing this week, but this is all I have been working on.  When I get in the de-cluttering mood I have to go with it and so this is what I’ve been working on for days.
In all the clutter there was a lot more organization than you would expect, it’s kind of weird in a way that makes me wonder if I should be seeing a therapist.81011craftroom1The shelves will need to be worked over in the near future, but stuff is somewhat organized and easy to find.  Done is better than perfect and in this case getting things sorted and onto the shelves is much better than spending all night organizing one or two totes.
In the middle of the cleaning I found 4 pairs of knee socks to make leg warmers for Little Miss.
81011craftroom2The sewing area was so neat and tidy it only took me 10 minutes to sew them up.  One less pile to take up space.  That pile and bag on the lower right is recycling, so it will be gone soon.
There is only one problem area left…
81011craftroom3 It’s not as bad as it looks, really, it’s been partially sorted.  I expect to finish this up tonight.  One of the reasons cleaning has gone so well this time is I have a new plan.  Upstairs we had an unused room that has become my photo studio.  I can leave my light box and backgrounds up all the time, making it easier to take product photos.  It is also where I am storing all my finished pieces, my craft show displays, and shipping supplies.  Removing all of that stuff from the craft room really cleared a lot of space.
Next I need to tackle the basement.  My husband has been working really hard to get his stuff in order down there, so it’s already half finished.  My reward will be finding all the fabric that I KNOW is down there, just waited to be sewn.

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