Finished Backpacks

I finished these up Monday night, just in time for school to start on Tuesday.  They were a big hit and they should hold up for the whole school year!  Special details include a super reinforced hanging loop, tabs instead of eyelets for the strings, boxed bottom corners to make the bags look better when full, and bead embellishments.string backpacks finishedThey look like they been lined up to be shot in a small swarm of half finished man eating ladybugs.  The first day of school shots were a complete failure.  I don’t know what it is about trying to have a nice picture of them that brings out the worst faces, sad they are trying to look cute, needless to say I won’t be sharing any of those shots. BTW, any suggestions on photographing children so they look natural would be great and let me know if you’d like a tutorial for these bags, I might need to make one for Little Man too!

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julie said...

Tell them that you are just taking a few shots to check the lighting and you'll let them know when it's time for them to pose. You might get some more natural photos from those "test" shots.